Jainand Digital Point Computer Training Institute provides Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses like  Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo AdCenter, facebook, twitter and linkedin etc. Our PPC Training Course in Chakradharpur, Jharkhand will take you from creation to implementation and from monitoring to management of successful advertising campaigns & our expert Trainers will help you learn & understand these platforms.

As you know without any knowlege sudden drop in organic ranking of many sites, owners have decided and opted to run paid campaigns on Pay Per Click platforms of which Google Adwords is one. As it is Google's undertaking, Adwords is effective of all present in the web world and it needs no explanation that where you, me or other visitors on the web would go onto search their requirements (Google drives more than 90% of web traffic). As Google Adwords is a platform which has various features of running almost all kinds of ads for all industries types, it is advisable to get trained to get the expertise as to make yourself run optimized and cost effective campaigns.

The PPC Course Training offered by Jainand Digital Point Training Institute has been designed keeping in mind the need of students, entrepreneurs and working professionals.


Today’s Best Source of Quality Lead generation is Internet and Pay Per click advertising model. It gives you best Results. You Must learn “PPC” If you want to start Selling your Goods or Services within 24hrs. Below are some more reasons to Lean Paid Advertising.

    PPC is one of the best methods of Direct Online Marketing.
    PPC results are quicker as compared to SEO operations.
    There are many Pay Per Click programs however the leader is Google Advertising Program.
    Highly Paid Jobs starting 25k to 90k per month.
    Best For Business Start ups Planing to Acquire Online leads.

Our pay per click training modules Includes

Advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC/ Google Ad words Course)

    Introduction to AdWords – Google Adwords
    Targeting – Search, Contextual or placement
    Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad groups
    Creation of Banners using Display Builders
    Writing Compelling Ad Copies—Do's and Dont's
    Keyword Grouping using Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match,Negative     Match Techniques
    Insertion of Google Conversion code and its importance in Effective Campaigning.
    Costs and Billing
    Tracking Ad Performance
    Optimizing Cost per Click
    Optimizing Ad Performance – Optimize Account & landing page
    The Ad Words Toolbox – Keyword Tool, Site Exclusion Tool, Ad Diagnostic Tool Etc.
    Google Analytics code study and Insertion
    Google Analytics Report Study and Comprehension
    Creating Multiple Report Types
    Google Insights Study
    Google Trends Study
    Managing Client Accounts