The Course has been designed to provide knowledge on various hardware and software components of computer, operating system, various packages used for different applications, data base concepts & operations and various issues related to IT and applications of IT.

Applicability for Basic Computer Course: Students, homemakers, professionals, and even retired people can step up for this fundamental course to sharpen their skills about this useful and modern device.

Module I – Computer Organization
Central Processing Unit - Processor Speed, Cache, Memory, RAM, ROM Booting, Memory- Secondary Storage Devices: Floppy and Hard Disks, Optical Disks CD-ROM,DVD, Mass Storage Devices: USB thumb drive. Anaging disk Partitions, File System Input Devices - Keyboard, Mouse joystick, Scanner, web cam, Output Devices- Monitors Printers – Dot matrix, inkjet, laser, Multimedia- What is Multimedia, Text, Graphics Animation, Audio, Images, Video; Names of common multimedia file formats Computer Software- Relationship between Hardware and Software; System Software, Application Software

Module II – Operating System
Microsoft Windows- An overview of different versions of Windows, Basic Windows elements, File management through Windows. Using essential accessories: System tools – Disk cleanup, Disk defragmenter, Entertainment Games Calculator, Imaging – Fax, Notepad, Paint, WordPad. Command Prompt- Directory navigation, path setting, creating and using batch files. Drives, files, directories, directory structure. Application Management: Installing, uninstalling, Running applications.

Module III – Word Processing (Word)
Word processing concepts: saving, closing, Opening an existing document Selecting text, Editing text, Finding and replacing text printing documents Creating and Printing Merged Documents, Character and Paragraph Formatting, Page Design and Layout. Editing and Profiling Tools: Checking and correcting spellings. Handling Graphics, Creating Tables and Charts Document Templates and Wizards.

Module IV – Spread Package (Excel)
Spreadsheet Concepts, Creating, Saving and Editing a Workbook, Inserting Deleting Work Sheets, entering data in a cell / formula Copying and Moving from selected cells, handling operators in Formulae, Functions: Mathematical Logical, statistical, text, financial Date and Time functions, Using Function Wizard. Formatting a Worksheet: Formatting Cells – changing data alignment changing date number, character or currency format, changing font, adding borders and colors, Printing worksheets, Charts and Graphs – Creating Previewing, Modifying Charts. Integrating word processor, spread sheets web pages.

Module V – Presentation Package (PowerPoint)
Creating, Opening and Saving Presentations, Creating the Look of Your Presentation, Working in Different Views, Working with Slides Adding and Formatting Text, Formatting Paragraphs, Checking Spelling and Correcting Typing Mistakes, Making Notes Pages and Handouts, Drawing and Working with Objects, Adding Clip Art and other pictures Designing Slide Shows Running and Controlling a Slide Show, Printing Presentations.

Module VI – Internet
Connectivity, Browser, Outlook Express, e-mail, E-Ticketing, E-Banking, E-Commarce, E-mail etc

Features of Fundamental Computer Courses: Computer Training Institute / Computer Training Center: Chakradharpur

Various online and offline series are provided at Jainand Digital Point Computer Training Center, Chakradharpur. These useful and career oriented courses are planned with pure dedication and job purpose in mind. Students and other people who want to earn good command over fundamentals of computer handling or operation find refresher series to be their first choice. Duration of 3 to 7 people are availed the sharpening programs in MS-office, soft skills, chatting, internet browsing and emailing. They will also be trained with the foundation of MS-word, MS-excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Students can also come across various other crucial points under a basic computer course that consist:-
1. Recognizing files and types.
2. Copying files from a particular location.
3. Arriving at the location of saved file.
4. Observing various parts of computer.
5. Creating matchless use of keyboard.
6. Minimizing about the saveral computer applications.
7. Adjusting the view of setting a file.
8. Deleting or remaining unwanted programs from the system to increase it's performance.
9. Training about the vital system files which are accessible to third parties.
10. Managing emails that contain virus.

Importance of Computer Course / Computer Training Institute / Computer Training Center: Chakradharpur

Computer has now become an avoidable and common electronic device in our lives. It takes less time to accomplish more work; it can work faster than man. Apart from collecting the data and official work it can be helpful to ambush the people and it is used in all multinational companies for pay roll stock control etc. In modern era students find computer very useful for network administration, hardware maintenance, software installation etc. for knowing all this we need to know the basics of computer skills. This device has now become a need for all fields to work in. Without knowing computer fundamentals one cannot survive in official Work, applications like MS-Word, MS-Excel, PowerPoint etc. are highly useful for student who wants to make their career bright.

Benefits of Certification Course: Computer Training Institute / Computer Training Center: Chakradharpur

In some instances employers won't even acknowledge an applicant with an empty education or training field. Students don't have to waste time with non-essential classes, these courses are cheaper than cost of one years degree. You are now only few steps away from being an expert in basics of computer, Various crash courses of fundamentals of computer are provided At Attitude Tally Academy on regular basis with study materials, PDFs, e-books, tutorials, problem discussing sessions etc. all is provided with an authentic certificate.
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