Do you know the secret to maximizing ROI for your business? Paid Search Marketing is the key to your success!!!

Paid Search Marketing can significantly boost your Click-through-Rate (CTR) from 2% to 19% in just 2 weeks!!! Yes, you read right. With Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, you generate a nsubstantial amount of online traffic, and gain genuine leads for conversion. However, PPC is an intensive process that needs deep research and analysis. Therefore, it is that you choose an Internet Marketing Company that offers professional PPC management services and help you get the maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

We at Jainand Digital Point have a talented and expert team of online advertising specialists who understand the fundamentals of PPC. It is an advertising tool when used correctly gives an exceptionally high ROI. In a PPC campaign that uses popular paid listing of Google AdWords, you pay only when a visitor clicks through to your website; and not every time a user sees your advertisement. You can use the same set of popular keywords on your advertisements to draw more visits to your site and higher sales and conversions

Whether you are a start-up, a small business, or an established organization seeking to increase your online presence, Jainand Digital Point team can help you gain the right visibility and higher sales in shortest time.


PPC Strategy: We will maximize your chances of high returns from a PPC campaign. This includes powerful CTO inclusion, custom and powerful landing page design, and targeting the right audience and market. We design user friendly, appealing, and professional web pages that are easy to navigate and have unique graphics for superior user engagement.

Keyword Use: Our PPC experts use the best analytics and keywords tools to study your market and find out the high-ranking keywords to use in your advertising campaign.

Strategy Implementation: Everything starts with the initial brief allowing us to create, deploy and measure the results of your PPC campaign. We at will give you a detailed proposal on your campaign execution followed by the actual implementation process. We create and configure web analytics into your campaigns to give you a clear view of conversions and click through (CTR) results.

Ad Extensions: Transform your adtexts and make your business stand out from the crowd. We implement the latest strategies to implement popular ad extensions into your campaigns. This gives you better visibility and high CTR, easily.

Adcopy Writing: Our seasoned team of Copy Writers create keyword-centric compelling advertisements that sell! With the help from our PPC specialists our Copy Writers create more engaging copies based on the testing results obtained.